Poultry rearing

Photograph depicting Poultry are one of the most popular types of livestock, particularly among poorer families. They can also be a route out of poverty for farmers who are ready to expand their production and adopt improved systems for feeding and protecting the health of their birds. However, keeping large numbers of birds in intensive systems is not easy, and needs strict management rules. This resource pack covers many key aspects of poultry rearing, both for intensive production systems and the keeping of village chickens. For intensive systems, interviews focus on management of layers and day-old-chicks, provision of cost-effective and healthy feed, and disease control. For village chickens, the interviews look at appropriate housing, vaccination against Newcastle disease and supplementing feed. There are also interviews on breeding and cross-breeding local birds and rearing of guinea fowl.

Technical information, pack usage details, resources and full scripts (Word Format)

Mr. Wainaina, who keeps over 5000 layers, explains the management systems he uses on his farm in Moisbridge, Kenya.

Dr Rashid Mwanga of Tanzania Poultry Farm Ltd explains the important factors in providing cost-effective and healthy feed to chickens.

Wilfred Allo Nkumbuh explains to Martha Chindong how, by keeping strict rules, he prevents the spread of disease on his poultry farm in Cameroon.

Maurice Munyenyembe, and expert with the FAO in Malawi, explains the important principles in building appropriate housing for village chickens.

Mr. Demba Touray of The Gambia’s Department of Livestock Services describes the work of the department to control Newcastle disease.

Bob Akinwumi, who keeps layer hens, describes the feeding and disease control methods he uses in raising day old chicks.

David Daka of the Zambia Institute of Animal Health discusses how small scale farmers can manage Newcastle disease vaccination for their poultry flocks.

Patrick Mphaka reports on a project that is introducing guinea fowl to farming communities in Malawi.

Childwell Nyirenda of the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture explains how cross- breeding can improve productivity in local birds.

Alphious Moyo, a poultry farmer from Matabeleland North in Zimbabwe, explains why and how he rears local breeds of chicken.

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