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Agricultural and
Rural Development

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Rural Radio Resource Pack

CTA produces, every year, 5 Rural Radio Resource Packs on a variety of topics related to agriculture and rural development to be re-packaged and broadcast by local radio stations in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP).

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Download Resource Packs

Please click on the topics/pictures below to access the full pack contents, including audio files and scripts

Photo credits: Agence Syfia, Nicolas Colombant, Wren Media, Alexandre Caron, Giacomo Rambaldi, Roberto Faidutti, People TV, Karen Hackshaw, Barbera Oranje, Micha Jost Ref

CTA radio material can be broadcast, shared and adapted without permission if it is used for a non-commercial purpose and if CTA is acknowledged.

Our Contributing Journalists

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The Rural Radio program relies on a team of dedicated Journalists who often work full-time for radio stations throughout Africa, and contribute to the Rural Radio program part time.

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